Dear A,
It was really nice talking with you today.

Yes, talking ….as in really hearing your voice, with all the familiar nuances in it that makes it special – Yours!
Not ‘talking’ over typed words with an emoji to substitute for that naughty, adorable crackle in your laughter, the sincerity in your earnest chatter and that endearing way you always say my name.
Long after I put the phone down, I kept reminiscing our conversation….
It did me a lot of good…trying to fit in days in those 30 odd minutes!

Like they say, ‘one real conversation with a friend is worth hours on the psychiatrist’s couch’ !


And I realised how we have all changed…we Humans!
We who are different from our fellow living beings on this planet because of this unique gift of speech, seem to have forgotten how to really ‘talk’!! Caught in the maze of our expensive, fancy gadgets that claim to bring us closer….

I don’t know about others, but for me a thousand smiling emojis cannot substitute for a familiar chuckle that warms my heart. Nor will any number of animated hug-stickers ever make up for a word of endearment or a warm embrace in an hour of need…..

I’d, any day, settle for one heartfelt conversation, one warm hug or a soulful get-together days apart, over typed words every minute of the day.


Thank you for bringing to life all our old adventures!
And for simply being ‘You’ !

With love,
Yours G


P. S : OK, you can add a smiling emoji here 🙂


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