Of Sundays




5:40 am :
Shy rays of the sun steal their way through the early morning fog. …
Wide Awake..!!
Rush of wintry thoughts, foggy memories…
I pull my warm rug tighter. Back to sleep. Resolutely.

6:47 am :
The flutter of baby pigeons in the balcony. Shadow instantly up..customary growl, a spirited woof. The pigeons undeterred.
Shadow gives up, curls back beside me, shuts out the world..

Buddy’s insistent knock on bedroom door.I let him out, check his cushions at his favorite spot in the sun as he,with his toy buddy in tow,sinks into a dreamless sleep once again.
Ginger is dead to the world all through this.Or pretends to be! I have never been sure…!
Reset the alarm ( till forever), sink back into bed.

9:23 am:
Activity! Old favorites on the stereo floating down from afar, smell of freshly toasted bread, clatter of China in the kitchen…P is up and about his favorite morning ritual, fixing breakfast!
I sink deeper inside the rugs, shut off the alarm, hug Shadow tighter, ignore the world…
Still not ready to “open the gates”…

10:13am :
May be ,just may be, the world will decide to sink back into sleep..!
May be the sun would take the day off..!
Maybe the mind will too…
But no….
It isn’t to be…




Pertinent question: How does the monkey mind take a Sunday off?


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