Finding dreams..


Stories of a thick white sheet of snow covering the mountains obscuring the landscape, disrupting electricity, food and water supplies abound here in this pretty little town on the foothills of the majestic Himalayas…

The locals were only too quick to recount tales of a difficult Himalayan winter in response to our gushing appreciation of the “white photographs” adorning the walls of this resort we were staying in…

But that particular morning was beautiful…
The sun shone brighter and clearer..or maybe it seemed so to us city dwellers so used to our smoggy skies…

There is an inexplicable peace in those mountain mornings…
The birds seem freer, the skies bluer, the trees greener….

It’s easy to get lost in a make belief world of dreams ,because here the dreams do not feel make belief at all.

Here , you’re allowed to live IN your dreams…
You’re allowed to get lost and lose yourself….


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