The Secret of Happiness

In a world that is perpetually searching for Happiness, he teaches me about finding joy in simple things every day – a hug, a kiss, a long walk, running barefeet in the grass, a whiff of fragrance from the evening primrose..

He shows me each day what living life to the fullest means, why trust is synonymous with love and belonging, that friendship is acceptance and how words are an unnecessary ingredient when there are soul connections….


Of Books, Sonnets and such like amusements



What is in a Date? It would be just as mundane as any other.

Or would it?

23 April


UNESCO declared this date in 1996 as World Book and Copyright Day to pay worldwide tribute to books, authors, publishers and to collectively encourage ‘discovery of The Pleasure of Reading’ !

But it is only now that the world is largely waking up to discover why!!

23rd April 2016

The hashtags of social media spread far more rapidly than a wild fire!! The google logo stimulates speedier research than frontpage news headlines in conventional newspapers!

400 years since the 23rd of April 1616.

400 years since the death of William Shakespeare. And less famously of Cervantes and Garcilaso de la Vega !

Have you wondered what Shakespeare would have to say had he been around to see himself trending on social media ?

Something to this effect, I’m sure…..

“You speak an infinite deal of nothing.”
―  The Merchant of Venice




Inspirations and Inertia




A week full of inspirations that I didn’t quite put to good use..! I’m putting it down to what I call “year-end lethargy”!

I’ve stored them away for now and have vowed to not let them all be past and forgotten.
Does it work like that? Will stored inspirations be as motivating as they’re at the moment,say, 2 weeks later?
I wonder..

The books I ordered 2 days back are all here..! How efficient and convenient these online stores are these days!
Though of course, there’s hardly the pleasure of getting lost amongst tall bookshelves in real book stores, smelling new pages and discovering many a treasure hidden quietly away in deep corners..

But well, the only consolation is perhaps that one is sure of finding the book one wants in one of the many sites for sure without being told it’s out of stock at the moment.

That moment when the guard calls with ‘Ma’am your courier is here’ is one of my happiest always!
Today was special because of my Bond books.. the ones I’m getting to be autographed by the author himself.

Somehow I never seem to win anything, but this time I won these passes to meet Ruskin Bond. (Unlike a friend of mine who only just needs to fill a random questionnaire and she wins fancy sewing machines and LCD TVs! )

Next Monday is the long awaited day when I get to hear him speak on…hold your breath…’The Joy of Writing’…!! And at my favorite venue in the city too !

I’m not missing it for anything…

Is it an omen that my luck is turning?
Good. I hope so. Maybe the topsy turvy events of the past few months are beginning to rearrange themselves.

I’m not much of a believer.
I’d much rather get out there and shift the stars to my liking, tell off a few people, brush away many more..!!
 P calls it my restlessness, impatience and manic tendencies!

But then when I tried ” believing”, K violently dismissed it off as crap! My suggestion that ‘sometimes events unfold that are beyond your control’ was met with utter disdain!

 “Do your duty and keep your conscience clear and nothing can harm you” is what he says.

Yes, agreed.
But it works only if the world would mind its own business (Which, in my opinion, is often not the case) and let you “Do your duty and keep your conscience clear” in peace!!

Of course, honestly speaking, I never expected him to be accepting of my newly discovered jumbled ideas on “what makes the world tick”. That would be entirely uncharacteristic of him.

That brings me back to my (so called) restlessness,  impatience and the strong urge these days to go rearrange the world!! And a few people in it!


Guess P is right. My Buddhism practice is not working. But then I’ll come to that later…

Ruskin Bond’s world sounds so peaceful… the chirping birds, the rustling of leaves, the fresh Himalayan air…

The only soothing sound I can hear in the medley of our city sounds…..airplanes roaring past, homebound evening traffic,  rock music from someone partying next door…is the chatter of little children playing in the park. And Bruzo barking at something that’s disturbing his peace.

Bruzo..the black fuzzy mixed breed that lives two homes away and of whom Shadow has remained undecided.

M has invited me to the raffle and sale in the church tomorrow.
She’s setting up a bakery stall.
It was last week that I very enthusiastically promised to be there after work.
If my inertia doesn’t set in, I should be richer by a few plum cakes by tomorrow evening..!

Talking of cakes, A took all the trouble on his short trip to Goa to bring back this delicious consignment, at my rapturous behest!

Bebinca…the ONE thing that I hold synonymous with Goa, apart from the usual sun and beaches routine.
It is one sweet even Shadow gobbles up without his usual preliminary suspicious sniff ( Shadow, unlike Ginger and Buddy, has a ‘salt- tooth’, if you can call it that!)

It brought back memories of my first Bebinca in Madgaon from a tiny little bakery at the suggestion of the hotel staff some 10 years ago on my first trip to Goa…a love affair that has lasted…