Off to the mountains





24 degrees C..!

Fresh cool breeze still carrying the smell of the wet earth awash from last night’s shower…

Waking up to the songs of the cuckoo and three fat squirrels squabbling in the bedroom balcony over what looked liked an abandoned pigeon egg in one of my flower pots is a rarity in Delhi, particularly at this time of the year.

It was only yesterday afternoon that I was making morose entries into my journal about the lack of blueness in our city skies and the din of air-conditioners, honking cars and noisy whirring of those perinneal construction machines.

A hangover of sorts, I suppose, from ‘meeting’ the mountains last week…

The sky is still a pale grey – for a stray bout of rain, the layer of dust and smog we’ve created above our cities is impossible to wash away..
But it has done wonders for morose moods!

What a little rain can do, a thousand air-conditioners cannot!


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